10 Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses in 2022

The 53 Best Payroll Services For Small Business Owners

Paychex is a full-featured payroll service that manages payroll processing and tax obligations. The company offers a flexible payroll schedule, with weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly options.

The 53 Best Payroll Services For Small Business Owners

In addition, payroll processing is equally quick and easy with OnPay, and you can do it all from your mobile device. Offers a comprehensive list of human resources and payroll tools. This service includes online pay stubs, workers‘ compensation, tax compliance, year-end reports, payroll account reviews, and payroll administration.

Does ADP run have good customer support?

You won’t have to manually calculate working hours, vacation time, sick days, holidays, and overtime by having this feature. This feature can automate the entire process of time and attendance tracking. You can also ask for a customized quote if you need extra features like time tracking and ATS or other upgrades. Some features like Direct Deposit and MICR Ink Check Printing are optional.

  • It also offers a straightforward payroll processing routine, making it easy to ensure all types of employees are paid promptly.
  • You also should choose a software program that will fit into your budget and still meet your goals.
  • Many customers will post their experiences, whether they are good or bad, and you will gain a better understanding of exactly what you should look for when you begin your search for software.
  • Features include tax compliance, payroll administration, direct deposit, paper checks, pay cards, and flexible services.
  • Lastly, you’ll pay federal and state taxes owed and keep a record of all payroll and taxes.
  • Rely on the factors we mentioned above, such as budget, features, and industry, to make your pick.

For a full set of features, it’s recommended to pair QuickBooks Payroll with QuickBooks Online or another compatible accounting service. ADP Run offers great features and is a little more expensive than payroll services like Gusto or Paycor.

Gusto is the best overall payroll company for small businesses

Luckily, cloud-based software options are expanding online, and staffing websites such as Upworkmake it possible to contract with a professional bookkeeper at an affordable price. Chad Brooks is a writer and editor with more than 20 years of media of experience.

Good payroll software will also take into account paid time off, overtime, benefits, and deductions under the Federal Insurance Contributions Act , such as Social Security and Medicare taxes. Rather than having to deal with all these calculations themselves, it can be simpler for an organization to outsource these responsibilities by using a payroll service instead. One aspect of these services that often confuses small businesses is the use of payroll software. If you have never used payroll software before, it can seem quite overwhelming. In addition, some payroll software even has the option of giving you options on how you would like the software to operate, including creating, managing, and printing reports.

The best payroll platforms also offer HR support around health insurance plans and other benefits and provide new hire reports when needed. Though each has a unique design with varied features, most online payroll services work basically the same way. They typically include a cloud-based portal for both employers and employees. Employers—or your accountant, bookkeeper or HR employee—set up benefits and salaries for employees and, on some platforms, contractors. If your business consists of just one or two employees, you can still reap the benefits of payroll software.

How much do online payroll services cost for small business owners?

These can include standard benefit management, as well as access to affordable health, life, and disability insurance plans. While most payroll providers offer similar services, in some cases those services may be included in the base price, while in other cases, they are available at an additional cost. Compared to competing services, Square Payroll is very affordable. The base cost of $29 per month is very reasonable, and each additional employee or contractor adds just $5 per month. Overall, this is a budget-friendly payroll service for companies of any size. If your small business needs human resources support that goes beyond a payroll service, Justworks could make sense, with excellent additional benefits. This is partly because you are charged monthly, rather than by pay cycle.

The 53 Best Payroll Services For Small Business Owners

If your business requires benefits administration or more complex payroll help, the more robust Paychex platform or another of our high-rated services might be a better fit. Deluxe offers a variety of services to businesses, including marketing and business development, in addition to payroll and HR services. It comes to the platform along with accounting, invoicing and payment processing for small businesses—replacing a laundry list of tools for many entrepreneurs.

Payroll software review sites will usually contain opinions from actual customers of the programs, not just software companies. Be sure to listen to what they have to say about what is the best free small business payroll. Many customers will post their experiences, whether they are good or bad, and you will gain a better understanding of exactly what you should look for when you begin your search for software. By taking the time to do a little research on payroll software, you will soon be able to make an informed decision. There is no better option than small business payroll software for helping you manage your payroll in a hassle-free, cost-effective manner. Also note, that as your business grows, you should expect to see payroll costs increase. Gusto’s payroll service is easy to use, has every feature, and is scalable so that as your business grows you won’t need to look elsewhere for another payroll solution.

Just the Payroll, Please

EPayroll offers many standard features, including compliance management and general ledger integration. CheckMark offers a simple but user-friendly solution for companies that don’t require a wealth of advanced features. UKG Pro offers nice-to-have features like payroll reminders and new hire reporting but lacks W-2 and 1099 preparation. Make sure the free payroll software is compatible with your current payroll system.

The 53 Best Payroll Services For Small Business Owners

Depending on your business’s needs, you may benefit from a payroll company that offers additional services, such as a time and attendance system or HR solutions. Among the companies we reviewed, QuickBooks Payroll provides some of the most The 53 Best Payroll Services For Small Business Owners flexible payroll plan options. The services are broken down into Online Payroll and Desktop Payroll, each of which can have QuickBooks’ accounting software added into it. The employer portal enables payroll management and custom reporting.

How much does ADP run cost?

It’s best to delegate those tasks to a vendor that specializes in providing them. If you’re looking for something different than what we’ve already mentioned, SurePayroll is a good alternative. If you’re in a narrow field where finding a good partner is tough, this might be your best bet. They work well with a wide range of businesses, from retail to churches.

This platform is particularly useful if your business needs branding, formation and marketing support along with payroll services. You can do payroll for your business in three ways – manually doing payroll yourself, using payroll software to do payroll, and hiring a company offering payroll services to get payroll done. Small business owners have to calculate and deposit payroll taxes timely for both themselves and their employees. Zenefits is a cloud-based HCM software providing payroll administration, reporting, and tax management to its clients. It also offers HR, benefits and scheduling, and integrates them with payroll, in one platform. For additional features such as time-tracking and employee self-help, PrimePay has Started + WFM Bundle. It includes a range of workforce management tools, besides payroll and HR.

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However, the payroll solution lacks features like accounting, time-tracking, and mobile integrations. Because it offers flexible payroll processing and allows for payroll add-ons. Payroll services include direct deposit, pay cards, payroll tax filings, wage garnishments, cloud-based data servers, and 24/7 accessibility. Additional services include human resources administration, time/attendance, benefits, and onboarding.

This implies that the larger the number of employees, the greater the transaction fee. If you are planning to expand your workforce, carefully consider how your payroll service cost will change while you are growing. Most payroll providers have a tiered payment structure to cater to businesses of different sizes. Evaluate which tier would be least expensive for you in the long run before signing up. OnPay offers cloud-based software for payroll processing, automation, and management for growing businesses. In addition to payroll, OnPay also comes with tools for human resources and employee benefits management. Full-time employees can be managed easily using payroll software.

  • Employee background checks and identity theft protection are also available.
  • Patriot Payroll offers two plans, Basic which is $10/month and Full-Service, which is $30/month, with a $4 per employee fee added to the base price.
  • Luckily, cloud-based software options are expanding online, and staffing websites such as Upworkmake it possible to contract with a professional bookkeeper at an affordable price.
  • Full-service payroll basically allows you to outsource all of your payroll needs to an online payroll company.

Therefore, it is better to look closely at the services before making the final decision. Essentials and Zen packages are available for $10 and $27 per month per employee, respectively. Moreover, it also provides tools to track time and calculate paid time-offs and third-party software integrations. Intuit Quickbooks payroll offers a free trial for a month, or currently, you can pay a 50% discount rate for the first three months. Retailers who use Square for their POS systems may be pleased to know that Square also provides a payroll solution that syncs with your existing software.

Costs to Implement Payroll Services

SurePayroll is designed for small business owners and includes a special version for those paying domestic staff. Best for small businesses with 10 employees or less, SurePayroll has worked to automate the entire payroll process, a major bonus for already overworked business owners. Paycor asks that employees of client businesses contact their own in-business payroll or HR administrator. Compared to other payroll services that make themselves available to client employees, that’s not ideal.

Through our partnership with Gusto, we can now streamline your payroll needs. This can be a great https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ option for growing businesses, though some users may be turned off by the quote-based pricing.


Calling Freshbooks “accounting software” is more than a stretch, since it still doesn’t support basic functions like reconciling bank accounts. If you’re just looking for an affordable online service to handle your payroll, there are options for that, too.

Owned by Paychex, SurePayroll is available for desktop or mobile, letting you adjust your small business’s payroll services 24/7. They provide a guarantee on federal, state, and local taxes, so you have peace of mind. And you can easily contact their staff by email, live chat, or phone. ADP, or Automatic Data Processing, is one of the oldest and best-known names in payroll. Over 600,000 businesses across the country rely on ADP Payroll to pay their workers.